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Virtual Course: Lady Baltimore - Train Case 101

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Important: Class Dates - This is a 4 Lesson Course

Time will be 1pm Central US time

  1. 1/13
  2. 1/20
  3. 1/27
  4. To-Be-Determined

Class Overview:

This class will teach how to reline vintage train cases, from start to finish! The class is designed for those who are interested in learning how to tackle and master relining techniques, and will provide guided instruction and homework to complete outside of classroom hours.

Skill Focuses: 

  • Old lining and post removal
  • Pattern making and adjusting 
  • Creating lining pieces
  • Accents: pockets, embroidery, ruffles, flat trims
  • Cleaning: interior, exterior, and hardware
  • Installing new lining
  • Finishing touches  

Classroom Preparation:

Prior to the start of class, you will receive a comprehensive list of necessary materials to have readily available. 

Class Details:

In this class, you will receive personalized instruction from Rachel Barlow. At the conclusion of each session, we will review any questions, provide advice, and share tips to assist you in optimizing your project. 

At the conclusion of each session, each student will have the opportunity to address any obstacles or difficulties they may be facing in completing their case, and engage in discussion with the class.

A google meet link will be provided to all attendees for each lesson. A follow up recording of the lesson will be provided.