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Train Case 101

Train Case 101

TC101: What is it? Where is it? Why do you need it in your life?

If you’ve been following me within the last two years, chances are you already know what TC101 is. If not, welcome to the world of Train Case 101, where I teach how to reline, revamp, or restore your vintage luggage pieces. 

So what exactly is it?!

TC101 is a Facebook group community that hosts a plethora of information, most free & some paid, on how to give life to these coveted family heirlooms, cool unique vintage beauties, or landfill rescues. 

Where is it?!

The primary learning community is found on Facebook groups:






Why do you need it in your life?! 

To be honest, only you know the why. For some, the why might look like empowerment to get creative through a supportive and encouraging community of makers. Many may find acceptance and inspiration while simply following the journey of others. To each their own in the world of TC101. You don’t have to have a case, reline a case, or even comment to enjoy the community of TC101. Support is the only must! 

My goal is to provide affordable resources to encourage anyone to make something useful out of anything they have stashed away. Friendship is just an added bonus along the way.

 If this sounds like your cup of tea, head on over and take a sip! I’d love to meet you.



The Train Case Queen

Rachel Barlow 


vintage relined train cases recovered with Tula Pink fabric